About our Club


Our club was established in 2004 as the Tri-Valley Puppy Raisers to meet the growing needs  of puppy raising volunteers in the Tri-Valley area. The founding members of our club were previously puppy raisers and leaders of the Alameda County Guide Dog Puppy Raising Club. When the Alameda County Club grew too large, the Pleasanton based club was started by Ellen.  Her daughter Joelle has been the assistant leader for the club since 2006. In 2019, the club was rebranded as the Pleasanton Puppy Raisers. The Pleasanton Puppy Raisers is a fundraising, non-4-H club. On average we have approximately 40 club members and 10 active program puppies. 



The Pleasanton Puppy Raising Club is located in the East Bay of Northern California. Our weekly meetings vary by location and training  needs, but are normally held in Pleasanton. We are located about 45 miles from the Guide Dog campus in San Rafael, CA.  If you would like to find a puppy raising club in your area you can refer to the Guide Dogs for the Blind website. 


Our Leaders

Ellen Aguirre


Ellen is our main club leader. She has been involved with GDB since the early 90's and was the founding leader of the Pleasanton Puppy Raisers. She handles all of the paperwork, communication, and logistics that make our club run. 

Joelle Cook


Joelle is an assistant leader for our club. She began raising puppies through 4-H and has stayed involved ever since. With a professional background in animal behavior, her role is to facilitate our weekly meetings and support club members. 

Angela Matthews


Angela is an assistant leader for our club. She raised her first puppy in 2010 and has been hooked since then. With a strong background in education, Angela shares the role of facilitating weekly club meetings and supporting club members.