Get Involved: How you can help

Puppy Sit

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to raise a Guide Dog. Puppy sitters are an integral part of our puppy raising community.

Sometimes having a puppy in your home full time isn't an option, but you still want to be involved. Puppy sitting is a wonderful way to volunteer more on your own schedule. When puppy raisers travel or need help caring for their puppy they must utilize puppy sitters; volunteers who are actively attending meetings and are knowledgeable on the current protocols and training techniques used in puppy raising. 

So how does it work? To become a puppy sitter in our club you will first attend a number of meetings, a Guide Dog graduation in San Rafael and have a home visit from one of our club leaders just like a puppy raiser. Once cleared to puppy sit, our raisers will reach out asking for care for their pups and you choose if/when you care for that pup. Most of our puppy sitters have a puppy in their home for about 5 days each month. 

Puppy sitting is a great way to begin your journey in puppy raising. There is something new to learn from each pup, and the more puppies you can sit before raising your own, the more experienced and ready you will be! Some families enjoy puppy sitting full time while others do it temporarily between puppies they raise. 

Active puppy sitters are required to attend at least 2 meetings or events per month.  

Want more? Check out our puppy raising page. Want less? See about becoming a club volunteer.

Ruff Requirements

  • Attend 2 meetings each month 
  • Have a puppy in your home part time when it works for you 
  • Assist with fundraisers and outreach events